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  • Overview
    This easy-to-use irrigation controller accessory is compatible with most multi-wire irrigation controllers. It allows you to use any existing or “open” stations by connecting a wire path between the Thrive Transmitter™ and an irrigation controller. When the irrigation controller sends a signal to a valve, the Thrive Transmitter™ simply sends this message wirelessly up to 200 yards away to a Thrive Receiver™. The Receiver can controll up to four (4 qty) valves. Replace the AC solenoid with a DC latching solenoid. The Thrive Receiver™ is secured to the underside of any rectangular irrigation valve box so that it’s hidden from view and potential vandalism. No field programming of the EVO™ is needed. Simply use the power and capabilities of your smart irrigation controller to meet local water conservation requirements. The EVO™ has the capability of being able to operate all four stations at the same time, assuming the irrigation controller has this capability. Patent Pending.
  • Features
    Reliable and consistent communication up to 200 yards (results can vary depending on existing site conditions) Compatible with most multi-wire irrigation controllers Manage up to 4 new or existing stations The Thrive Transmitter™ is housed in a weather-resistant, key-lock entry, rugged plastic enclosure, using a CH751 key The Thrive Transmitter™ is powered by the adjacent irrigation controller’s 24 VAC auxiliary power output The Thrive Receiver™ is powered by two (qty), 9-volt lithium batteries that are projected to last up to 2 irrigation seasons depending on site conditions and irrigation requirements The Thrive Receiver™ is housed is a IP67-rated, rugged plastic housing The Thrive Receiver™ battery cassette was developed with the contractor in mind. Installation and replacement is a “snap” The Thrive Receiver™ has a built in failsafe program to prevent overwatering during blackout or connection loss Devices come Pre-paired with matching frequencies – no field programming required Multiple devices can be installed on one site or adjacent sites without interference of adjacent devices 3-year warranty Patent Pending Maximum Wire Runs
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    Transmitter Receiver
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  • Troubleshooting
    Thrive EVO™ Troubleshooting Guide EVO™ Transmitter LED States
  • Winterization
    EVO™ Winterization Instructions
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