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Thrive Announces Distribution with SiteOne Landscape Supply

Thrive Announces Distribution with SiteOne Landscape Supply

5/17/23, 6:00 AM

The Thrive Evo™ is now available in SiteOne locations across the nation

Thrive Smart Systems is pleased to announce distribution with SiteOne Landscape Supply in 49 states including Hawaii. With more than 500 SiteOne locations nationally, Thrive is excited to have the EVO™ product well represented on a national scale.

SiteOne Landscape Supply offers landscape, irrigation, outdoor lighting, nursery, and pest control supplies serving a wide variety of customers in the United States. With a team of SiteOne experts who possess unparalleled knowledge of their product lines, categories, and local markets, we can confidently state that SiteOne is primed to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Beyond providing expert product knowledge, SiteOne also helps supports business owners by making them more informed with multiple options for training and industry certifications, offered through SiteOne University, Academies, and in-store events.

Thrive Smart Systems, Inc. is a Utah-based company offering wireless solutions for the residential, commercial, and golf marketplaces. The first of many planned products is the EVO™, launched in September of 2022. The EVO™ is compatible with most conventional irrigation controllers and replaces the field wire path between an irrigation controller and new or existing remote-control valves in the field. The EVO™ incorporates LoRa radio that is “pre-paired” and has a published range of 200 yards. For more information on Thrive and our products, select this weblink:

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