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Thrive Invited to Present
At The Annual Landscape Symposium

Thrive Invited to Present
At The Annual Landscape Symposium

4/26/23, 6:00 PM

Thrive was honored to showcase the Thrive Evo™ at this event, which was hosted by the Irvine Company.

Thrive Smart Systems was invited by the Irvine Company Landscape Operations to attend this year’s annual Landscape Symposium, held at the Spectrum Terrace Facility in Irvine. The meeting was attended by a wide range of professionals ranging from agronomists, researchers, arborist, entomologists, water districts, public agencies, and some select vendors.

This symposium focused on bringing the best minds in the landscape industry to drive best practices, innovate, collaborate, and network. This year's focus was heavily influenced on drought response, next generation plantings, and responsible water management. Notable attendees included the City of Irvine, MWD, IRWD, City of Newport, Disneyland, Huntington Gardens, Bartlett Labs, UC Research center, and the San Diego Zoo.

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the other speakers and hope we added to the event. We feel we have a lot to offer not just to the irrigation market but to water conservation efforts, especially as we expand the reach of smart irrigation controllers through wireless means. We remain true to our mission to make every irrigation system wireless,” says Seth Bangerter, co-founder and president of Thrive Smart Systems.

Seth Bangerter, Co-Founder and President

Presenting the EVO™ Product

Thrive Smart Systems is a Utah-based company offering wireless solutions for the commercial and golf marketplaces. The first of many planned products is the Thrive EVO™, launched in September of 2022. The EVO™ is compatible with most conventional irrigation controllers and replaces the field wire path between an irrigation controller and new or existing remote-control valves in the field. The EVO™ incorporates LoRa radio that is “pre-paired” and has a published range of 200 yards. Site conditions can impact this distance and the on-board signal strength indicator quickly provides “real-time” confirmation that two-way communication has been achieved. For more information on Thrive and our products select this weblink:

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