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“ They System works amazing. No problem with the reception over 300 yards even with the full parking lot." 

Thrive EVO™ User

“The Thrive Evo is a game changer!  Up until now I’ve been limited to battery operated controllers to try and help me solve my wiring issues.  Now, with the Evo, I can bring control back to the controller allowing me to achieve my water management goals!”

Water Manager

"We installed the Thrive EVO™ a few months ago - not only was it quick and easy to install but it works great. It also saved me the cost of having to horizontal bore under a city street and disturb the existing landscape. I see the Thrive EVO™ as a solution to a lot of the current sprinkler wire problems I deal with on my site."


"A large parking lot addition had left us in the unfortunate situation of having to use battery powered “dumb” controllers at a site that was otherwise run by a “smart” controller. The EVO™ allowed us to tie those valves back into our smart controller, saving us the cost of adding an additional clock and the subscription fee."

JIM COLE / Grounds & Irrigation Foreman / Davis School District​ 

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