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Thrive Enters Agreement with Gentile Associates, Inc.

Thrive Smart Systems

Feb 16, 2023

Thrive Smart Systems is pleased to announce that they will be working with Gentile Associates.

Thrive Smart Systems Inc. is pleased to announce a sales and marketing agreement with Gentile Associates, Inc.  Gentile Associates is an independent sales and specification company focusing on commercial landscape and irrigation industries.  The Gentile Associates team represents 6 individuals with more than 175 years of combined irrigation industry experience.  They cover California, Hawaii, Southern Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.


Gentile Associates proudly represents:

  • Armada Technologies

  • Creative Sensor Technologies

  • EZ-FLO

  • Leemco

  • Crestline-West

  • Strongbox

  • Toro Irritrol Unique

  • Underhill International

  • Weathertronics

  • Westlake Pipe and Fittings

More information can be found on their website:


“We are excited to partner with the team at Thrive Smart Systems. As our industry continues to make great gains technologically, wireless communication through the EVO™ product is an example of when that technology brings a practical solution to everyday issues,” says Steven Kim, President of Gentile Associates.


Thrive Smart Systems, Inc. is a Utah-based company offering wireless solutions for the commercial, golf and AG marketplaces.  The first of many planned products is the EVO™ launched in September of 2022.  The EVO™ is compatible with most conventional irrigation controllers and replaces the field wire path between an irrigation controller and new or existing remote-control valves in the field.  The EVO™ incorporates LoRA radio that is “pre-paired” and has a published range of 200 yards.  Site conditions can impact this distance and the on-board signal strength indicator quickly provides “real-time” confirmation that two-way communication has been achieved. For more information on Thrive and our products select this weblink:

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