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Welcome to our showcase of projects utilizing our groundbreaking Thrive EVO™ product, a revolutionary solution that transforms any valve in an irrigation system into a wireless extention of your controller. Explore the versatility and potential of Thrive EVO™ as we highlight a diverse array of real-world applications. From municipal parks enhancing their green spaces with precise watering schedules, to residential properties streamlining their irrigation management, Thrive EVO™ has been a game-changer. Discover how our product has empowered users to remotely control and monitor their irrigation systems, saving time, conserving resources, and maximizing efficiency in a wide range of contexts. These projects are just a glimpse into the myriad possibilities that Thrive EVO™ offers for transforming the way we manage water resources.

Commercial Office Property

Replaced one, four station Hunter Node

Aesthetic Install Award (3 EVO™ Install)

Three (beautifully) installed EVO™'s in Park City.

Mechanical Room Meets Parking Garage

Communication through a parking garage mechanical room.

Giant Brick Donut

Replaced four-station Hunter Node

Neighborhood Park

Water management reestablished to neighborhood park

University Campus

Univeristy gets masters degree in wireless water management

Median Madness (9 EVOs™ + 7 EVO™)

City installs 16 EVOs™ to solve median issues

Hidden EVO™

Can you find where thei EVO™ Transmitter was installed?

5 EVO™ Units at Home Improvment Store

Store solves water management issues

Consolidating Controllers

Take 3 and make it 1

2-Wire to No-Wire

Successful installation with a two-wire system

Connecting Receiver to Valves 1,000ft Away

The Reciever does not need to be by the Valve

HOA Median

EVO™ solves HOA median power issue

EVO™ Hail Maries at High School

EVO™ connects valve 200 yards away by football field

Wire Failure Under Parking Lot

Valves reconnected to controller after a wire brake in parking lot

Main Street Public Transportation

Next Stop... Wireless

Through Four Buildings

Does not need to be line of site

Elementary School Construction

Helping Park City be wireless

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