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Thrive Smart Systems Launches EVO™ Product

Thrive Smart Systems Launches EVO™ Product

9/19/22, 8:15 PM

The Thrive EVO is officially made available through select distributors thoughout the Western United States.

Thrive Smart Systems, a Utah-based company, is pleased to announce a soft-rollout of their EVO™ wireless irrigation systems for both commercial properties and large estate residencies. The EVO™ replaces the traditional wire path between a new or existing irrigation controller and remote-control valves up to 200 yards apart with a wireless connection. This product is universal to most conventional irrigation controllers.

The EVO™ product consists of two separate pieces of hardware, a Transmitter, and a Receiver. The Transmitter can be inter-connected to a new or existing irrigation controller. An optional pancake-style antenna is available for controllers located within metal pedestal-type enclosures. The Receiver is mounted to the underside of a valve box lid and wired into DC latching solenoids, replacing the standard AC solenoid. The Receiver is powered by two (2 qty) Lithium batteries expected to last one irrigation season if not more depending on irrigation frequency and climatic conditions. The EVO™ product can manage up to four (4 qty) remote control valves.

“At a time when outdoor irrigation is at a premium, this product enables a landscape professional to maximize the power of a smart irrigation controller without having to resort to battery operated valves,” said Skyler Rowley, co-founder.

CEO and co-founder Seth Bangerter states that Thrive Smart Systems currently has distribution agreements with Horizon Distribution, Sprinkler Supply and DBC Irrigation Supply. The introduction of this product is initially limited to the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. Distribution is expected to increase to all domestic marketplaces in spring 2023.

Thrive will not be offering any direct sales outside of the states previously noted for 2022. Interested customers will be directed to one of the three distributors noted above. For updated distribution locations please visit

Thrive Smart Systems Inc. was started in 2018 as a collegiate project in which a team of students were challenged to develop a product and marketing strategy that could have real-world applications. After winning several competitions, members of the original group of students decided to pursue this as a viable solution for the commercial and golf irrigation markets.

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