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Thrive Wins First Place in Utah Business Startup Summit Pitch Competition

Thrive Wins First Place in Utah Business Startup Summit Pitch Competition

9/13/22, 10:00 PM

Thrive Smart Systems competes in a pitch competition for the first time since 2019.

Thrive Smart Systems is pleased to announce being awarded first place in last week’s Utah Business Startup Summit competition hosted by Utah Business. Utah Business provides award-winning, in-depth journalism on the tech and entrepreneurial businesses at the forefront of our nation's economy. The event was attended by over 100 people including seven other start-ups representing a wide field of development products and ideas. Each presenter was allotted four minutes to introduce their product and the problem it solves.

The presentation was followed by a short question and answer period. “There was excellent audience participation judging by the number of raised hands and depth of questions asked,” said Bryan Brittain, operations manager and co-founder.

“We are pleased to have been selected out of the field of other competitors and are appreciative of the number of individuals we could network with following last week’s event,” said Seth Bangerter, president and co-founder of Thrive Smart Systems.

First prize includes 30-days of free advertising on the Utah Business website,, as well as a magazine feature that reaches nearly 30,000 homes throughout the state.

Thrive is a Utah-based start-up that has developed a simple wireless alternative to the conventional irrigation system. Thrive's solution consists of two devices, a transmitter that sends a signal to the receiver up to 200 yards away. This unique solution installs in less than an hour and saves hundreds of dollars in both material and labor. Rather than trenching a new wire path across existing pavement or a mature landscape, this plug and play solution has landscaper professionals enthused. It's can also be applied to new landscapes or where construction may have out-paced consideration for irrigation.

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